Superdry Shop Metrocentre Gateshead – Worst shop in the world and in history…..!

I don’t usually like to make a fuss about anything as people who know me will agree. However I will moan, grunt, fuss etc on this occasion.

Recently my girlfriend bought me a jacket from the Superdry shop in the Metrocentre as a gift for being a brilliant boyfriend (yay). She asked the till girl at the time of purchase if she could get a refund if I didn’t like it? She was told yes.

My girlfriend gave me the jacket that evening, but I did not like it as it felt tight and looked odd. A few days later I decided to take it back to the shop and get a refund. The jacket had all of its tags on as I had only tried it on once and I had the receipt.

I approached the till and asked the girl behind the counter for a refund. The girl told me I could not have one, she would only give me a credit note. This to me was not acceptable as my girlfriend was told she could have a refund. I asked to talk to the manager about getting a refund and after a 5 minute wait another young girl came to the till and said she was a supervisor. She again said that I could not have a refund only a credit note. I explained to her that my girlfriend was advised she could have a refund. Again I was getting nowhere so I asked for the manager.

I was told he was not in yet. So I asked for the number for the head office to talk to someone there. I was given this (0191 4914332) and told it is TrippleS office number and they own the SuperDry store. I tried dialling this for the next 5 minutes and got no answer. I asked the staff if the office was open after trying and they said yes, so I stood and dialled again for the next 10 minutes without an answer.

In the meantime the store manager arrived and started taking to his staff. He approached me and told me that I can not have a refund, only an exchange or a credit note, I said this is not acceptable as my girlfriend was told different. He walked away from me and left me standing at the till (fantastic customer service – NOT). So while I was there I read the returns policy. Which stated a cash refund would only be given if a garment is faulted and returned within 28 days.

The fact that the manager walked away from me without helping me annoyed me so I stood at the till and looked all over the jacket and managed to find a fault in the stitching. I pointed this out the staff member behind the till and she agreed with me about the fault, as soon as she done this I said your policy says “a cash refund will be given if a returned garment is faulty” which this is.

The manager over heard this and was back over again telling me I still could not have a cash refund even though a fault was found. I told him that I could and said the girl at the till agreed about the stitching fault, at which point she started crying and disappeared.

The manager then accused me of upsetting members of his staff, at this point I was feeling very agitated and I replied well you are upsetting me by accusing me of that and not issuing me with a cash refund. He then told me that he would not give me a credit note or a cash refund. I was not making any progress and had been in the shop for over 30 minutes so I told him he has to issue me with a refund in some form.

He decided to print a credit note and throw it on the counter along with the nice insult of calling me a prick. I had my child with me so had to refrain from kicking off. I will never shop with Superdry or TrippleS again because of this. Over the years I have spent a lot of money in these shops and on this brand, and on the one occasion I would like a refund I get the worst customer service ever. I hope anyone that reads this will refrain from spending any of their hard earned money here.


First Post – Again….

This is the starting point of my latest blog. I have decided to resurrect it again for the umpteenth time. Let’s see how long I can keep this going for.

I have decided I will not set any targets for the amount of posts I will make etc. as I don’t usually know what I’m going to blog and when I’m going to blog it.

To all whom may gander at this, this may or may not be my first or last post.