Superdry Shop Metrocentre Gateshead – Worst shop in the world and in history…..!

I don’t usually like to make a fuss about anything as people who know me will agree. However I will moan, grunt, fuss etc on this occasion.

Recently my girlfriend bought me a jacket from the Superdry shop in the Metrocentre as a gift for being a brilliant boyfriend (yay). She asked the till girl at the time of purchase if she could get a refund if I didn’t like it? She was told yes.

My girlfriend gave me the jacket that evening, but I did not like it as it felt tight and looked odd. A few days later I decided to take it back to the shop and get a refund. The jacket had all of its tags on as I had only tried it on once and I had the receipt.

I approached the till and asked the girl behind the counter for a refund. The girl told me I could not have one, she would only give me a credit note. This to me was not acceptable as my girlfriend was told she could have a refund. I asked to talk to the manager about getting a refund and after a 5 minute wait another young girl came to the till and said she was a supervisor. She again said that I could not have a refund only a credit note. I explained to her that my girlfriend was advised she could have a refund. Again I was getting nowhere so I asked for the manager.

I was told he was not in yet. So I asked for the number for the head office to talk to someone there. I was given this (0191 4914332) and told it is TrippleS office number and they own the SuperDry store. I tried dialling this for the next 5 minutes and got no answer. I asked the staff if the office was open after trying and they said yes, so I stood and dialled again for the next 10 minutes without an answer.

In the meantime the store manager arrived and started taking to his staff. He approached me and told me that I can not have a refund, only an exchange or a credit note, I said this is not acceptable as my girlfriend was told different. He walked away from me and left me standing at the till (fantastic customer service – NOT). So while I was there I read the returns policy. Which stated a cash refund would only be given if a garment is faulted and returned within 28 days.

The fact that the manager walked away from me without helping me annoyed me so I stood at the till and looked all over the jacket and managed to find a fault in the stitching. I pointed this out the staff member behind the till and she agreed with me about the fault, as soon as she done this I said your policy says “a cash refund will be given if a returned garment is faulty” which this is.

The manager over heard this and was back over again telling me I still could not have a cash refund even though a fault was found. I told him that I could and said the girl at the till agreed about the stitching fault, at which point she started crying and disappeared.

The manager then accused me of upsetting members of his staff, at this point I was feeling very agitated and I replied well you are upsetting me by accusing me of that and not issuing me with a cash refund. He then told me that he would not give me a credit note or a cash refund. I was not making any progress and had been in the shop for over 30 minutes so I told him he has to issue me with a refund in some form.

He decided to print a credit note and throw it on the counter along with the nice insult of calling me a prick. I had my child with me so had to refrain from kicking off. I will never shop with Superdry or TrippleS again because of this. Over the years I have spent a lot of money in these shops and on this brand, and on the one occasion I would like a refund I get the worst customer service ever. I hope anyone that reads this will refrain from spending any of their hard earned money here.


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  1. Same sort of thing happened to me at my local Kingston store!

    Bought my boyfriend some jeans which he didnt like in the end. When I took them back, was refused a refund even though they hadnt been worn, had all the labels on and I had the receipt.

    I asked the shop assistant to speak to the manager and she smugly replied “I am the manager”!

    TOTALLY disgusting not to give refunds, just credit notes. Once you spend you’re money there you dont ever get it back!!


  2. I once had same sort of problem in Superdry Metro centre when I was Christmas shopping. I bought t shirts for my brother for Christmas and then I saw a much nicer one the same make in another shop in the sale for less than half the price so I decided to take my t shirts back to superdry metro centre to get a refund, all still with reciepts and tags left on, Id had them in the carrier bag only a couple of hours before deciding I didnt want them any more, and I was faced with a really cocky arrogant member of staff who was really edgey and really rude and uninterested, they said the same thing to me about no refund and I could only have a credit note instead. I again was annoyed and demanded the manager. The manager was just as cocky and brazen I felt like smashing his teeth in (which is something I would never do as a matter of course), but he too vas very condescending and smug and I could not get a cash refund. (all I will say to that staff member and the manager is …..”you only work in a shop for christ sake, if you do get an important role at some point in life then you are not going to do very well if you think you are above everyone and speak to them in such a manner, theres just no need for it” Get a life…”

  3. I had a very similar problem and was pretty muh told to sod off. I mentioned consumer rights, but were not prepared to listen.

    I will never purchase this brand ever again and actively tell my friends and family

  4. got back from bluewater today returned two other items after a big shop not a problem, and then got to SUPERDRY and got the same service you had. Will not shop or recomened again.

  5. superdry nightmare!!! i purchased 2 jkts xmas 2011.. i was told my card was declined.. i new it cudnt be, the gentleman behind till asked if heshould try again as it happens at busy times… i said yes once again said declined.. i went up to halifax and was told they had beenpaid for..i went back was told they were sorry and gave me jkts.. i was due a baby in feb2012,at end of jan superdy went into my bank took all my tax credits and child benefit.. i was told it had been an error and payment hadnt came out bank i was givena number got me through to triple s but after many many calls i got no where at all..

  6. I just bourght 3 jackets when I decided I didn’t like one of them..I wanted to return it (never worn / all tags still on there) and I was told I could only have a credit note. I spend almost £250…What a Joke…Surly this is illegal?

  7. i shopped for the first time in Superdry (westfield stratford) 2 days ago.
    i bought a £115 jacket and a £40 bag. i am having second thoughts about the jacket as. this is the raeson i ended up here. i suppose i’ll have to find a fault in the jacket to return it.
    If i had known about this stupid policy i would not have purchased this expensive item without being 100% sure.
    I don’t think i’ll be shopping there again.

  8. Hi I’ve just had the same experience with the superdry shop in the bill ring.
    My girlfriend went off shopping and came bk with a hoody from s-dry,I said I didn’t like it and she tried to return it the same day.
    She had no luck they only gave her a credit note.
    She came and told me so I went bk to the shop to argue my point!
    But no the staff in the shop said it was there policy not to refund any thing only a credit note,seams I don’t even wear s-dry no gud to me at all.
    Fuming very poor customer service and very poor policy,all they want is your money! I will never purchase from another superdry shop again..

  9. I bought a superdry jacket for my grandson for christmas. I bought one with blue logo instead of orange. I could not find any of the orange ones when I went back to the store at the Metro Centre. However I went into the store at Eldon Square and explained to the assistant that I wanted the same jacket with the orange logo. I told the assistant that I had bought the jacket at the Metro Centre while a promotion was on. She told me that she would exchange the jacket for the same price I had paid. She put one to one side with my name on. I must say she was a very pleasant girl. I told her I would be in on the monday to do the exchange, she said no problem. On the monday the male assistant refused to exchange the jacket. I told him I had already been told I could exchange the jacket and there was the replacement with my name on. He still refused in a very unpleasant manner and told me to take it up with the Metro Centre which I couldnt as they didnt have any jackets with the orange logo. I feel great sympathy with the young people of today who like your clothing and have to use your shops. Your no refund policy is like robbery. Just as well you cater for young people who are very fashion concious and they put up with your poor service, otherwise you would lose business if you depended on adults buying your products. I will never buy another product from your store and will persuade my grandchildren to opt for something else from another store even if it more expensive.

  10. I purchased a £45 hoodie at superdry meadowhall for my daughter. I was actually told at the till that I couldn’t have a refund. I went ahead with the purchase as my daughter really wanted the top but I won’t be shopping there again. I actually objected to their policy at the till and said it was the kind of policy I might expect with a sale item. Cocky assistant replied ‘we don’t have sales’. Well that put me in my place! Much better customer service available on a market stall.

  11. My wife was given a Superdry shirt as a gift fo Xmas, it was the wrong size so she tried to exchange it at our local store, brand new with all tags on…all she got was sorry no receipt no exchange. The Superdry policies and customer services stink .

  12. I had same experience. My wife bought gift for me. I didnt like it and wanted to return. And yes no refund just store credit.

  13. I just went to Superdry yesterday to return a t-shirt as my son didn’t like it. Explained this to the assistant who said I could only have a gift voucher. Couldn’t quite understand why as I had paid in cash for this t-shirt. If I ever go there again and purchase something and I have to return it – perhaps I might just tamper with the stitching so it is useless as that seems the only way of getting your cash back! Madness really but that’s life. Probably won’t ever use shop again because of their stupid terms and conditions.

  14. Same thing happened to me at the superdry store in Bicester village. I bought a T-shirt and an hour later returned to the store to get a refund. I was told that they don’t give refunds because of ‘hygiene’ reasons.

    I found this very annoying because they don’t tell you this at the time of purchase. I asked them if ‘hygiene’ truly is a reason, why did they have trying-out rooms where people try on items of clothing? No response.

    Me and my family will not be buying from superdry again.

  15. I have had the same experience and was considering buying my daughter a coat for christmas from them but its way too risky, there are plenty of other retailers who do the same style of clothes and they will realise when the profits drop that this is an oudated approach. I am pretty sure this hasn’t always been their policy

  16. I totally agree there returns policy stinks and i’m not entirly sure it is legal – I did ask a store assistant and he replied ” I assure you it is hmmm”
    Going to check this one out …..

  17. I’ve shopped in Superdry a number of times and fortunately have never had to return an item. However recently my brother bought me a t-shirt I wasn’t too keen on and was shocked to see on the back of the receipt that they only give refunds on faulty items! Seems like a very backward policy. Sure they allow exchanges but after reading these comments I won’t shop there again. Money is tight these days, and not having the ability to get my hard earned money back makes me worry about shopping there again.

  18. Same experience – shopped in SuperDry for the first time ever and bought a hoody for my son and took it back less than two hours later as he was not keen on the colour (hadn’t even tried it on!) and was shocked to find I was unable to obtain a refund. Must be more than 20 years since I’ve shopped anywhere else with this type of attitude! When I said I wasn’t told at the time of purchase that there would be ‘no refund’ they told me it is ‘up to the customer to ask before they buy’ and that their ‘policy is printed on the receipt’, by which time of course, it is too late as you have already handed over your money! Aaaaargh! Will never ever shop there again and nor will my family.

  19. Have similar experience at super dry they called me get out of store, I thought should call police but I didn’t .holding 75 pound credit in my hand, don’t even think to go super dry ever again 🙁

  20. Aye they had plenty business out of me online go use store first time didnt like shirts in fact both had marks on took back not allowed a refund ‘Credit note’. Never again buy online if buying superdry its shocking they can get away with this.

  21. We have just had the same arrogant awful experience with Trinity Centre Leeds store, bought a Jacket only when i left the store did i find on small print of reciept that there is no refund just credit note. I don’t want to spend any more cash in that store and will never shop again store manager not helpful sales staff attitude was tuff and you could see them sniggering at my plight.

  22. I brought my father a XXL polo shirt in Superdry on Saturday for £34.99. He tried it on and it was a big tight as Superdry clothes do come up a bit small. However I couldn’t exchange it as that was the biggest size that Superdry do. So I went in to store to get my money back and they told me I could only have a credit note. I don’t shop in Superdry for myself so now stuck with a credit note that I will not use.

  23. I recently purchased a new adidas rucksack ,from Sports direct at Middlebrook retail park at Bolton,for my 11 year old son for starting high school in september. He decided he wasn’t keen on it,he prefered the converse bag in another store. This bag was £18,labels still intact and unused condition. The bag was bought on 1st august and went to get a full refund on 24th august. I had reciept for proof,had my bank card out ready,so I could put the £18 on my card as a refund. I finally got served by the shop assistant, I explain my son has changed his mind,please can I have my money back. She says I am sorry,we can only give a credit note, this is the policy. I say, I my son needs to buy at bag for school,but likes one in another shop. I need the money back in cash,in order to go and buy this for my son.She then says “No,I can give you a credit note only”. I said so you are telling me, I have to have a credit note,even though I want to spend my money in another shop? I demanded to see the manager,He came over,he said the same as the shop assistant. If it wasn’t for my lakd back other half,I would have given them both a mouthful. I told them,their poli y was a ridiculous policy and with the position people are in at the moment concerning money,I suggest the rethink their polocy for the future. I would’nt mind this bag could be sold on ,it was brand new .

  24. Unfortunately you have NO rights in law to a refund unless an item is faulty or not as described. (Sales of goods act)
    You have NO legal rights to return an item due to not liking colour, doesn’t fit, don’t like it, changed mind etc. Even if all tags are attached, all reciepts kept and unopened. The most any store has to do is credit note or exchange even then they don’t have to offer this.
    Unless you bought online and covered by direct selling rules.
    Harsh but true.

  25. I agree it is the worst shop in the metro centre and not only because of its returns policy but the shop environment itself. I shop a lot at the metro for my family and myself. I often go into superdry and cannot stay because of loud music and poor lightning. On my most recent visit Saturday 22nd November I wanted to purchase xmas gifts for my family. My husband had previously said he liked an aftershave from there. I found the aftershaves near the till and looked at the samples. I noticed the sample bottle he liked but because of very bad lights I could not match the sample to the bottles (even my daughter who has 50/50 vision could not) I asked a staff member to help and he was not confident on which bottle it was. He did eventually hand me a bottle he thought it might be and then walked off. After examining the bottle myself and daughter realised it was not the right one. We found someone else and asked for their help and he was unsure! I gave up!!!!The music was extremely loud we could hardly hear one another and the lights did not help. I approached the till with my purchase of sox ( I did want more but could not tolerate the environment) I paid for the sox and when asked about return policy the girl behind the till told me there was only an exchange or credit note policy. I had to ask her twice to repeat as I could hardly hear her because of the extremely loud music. I left and waited outside the shop for my daughter. While waiting outside of the shop staff members were at the front near the exit chatting to some people in the mall. I will not be shopping there again. It was more like visiting night club rather than a shop.

  26. Sent: 23 November 2014 16:19 to Superdry
    Subject: Bridge Coat
    Dear Sir
    Yesterday, my wife and I bought a Bridge Coat at your store in XXX London. The coat was tried in the store and the fit was perfect. The rear coat vent had a tack stitch holding the vent in place. When we arrived home, the single tack stitch was cut, as is recommended practice when buying coats, suits etc., and following this, the vent at the back of the coat gaped in a very ugly way. I drove 1 ½ hours back to your store today with the coat, complete with price label etc attached and with the receipt. I politely explained to your In-Store Deputy Manager the problem and that the garment construction was faulty, clearly evident from the way the vent gaped. Mr X would not accept that the garment was faulty and further stated that the tack stitch is not designed to be cut and added that the fact that the garment vent gaped horribly was perfectly acceptable and “normal”. I will point out that the tack stitch is a single stitch and “loose”. At the time there were several people in the queue at the checkout and the fact that the stitch was a tack stitch and designed to be cut was confirmed by other customers. Mr X stated that he would provide a credit note but would not refund the cost to my debit card. Naturally I was incensed at the refusal to consider that this coat was anything but perfectly acceptable and I explained to Mr X that I have a legal right to demand a refund. Mr X then added that if I continued to insult him he would not even give me a credit note. At no time did I insult, swear or be abusive to Mr X, I merely stated that I have the legal right under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 to request a refund.
    As the coat was of no use in this condition, I eventually had to accept the issue of a credit note for the value of £124.99. I arrived back home 1 1/2 hours later and telephoned your Customer Services department to express my dissatisfaction at the treatment I had received and also the fact that your store refused to provide a refund. I spoke to a Ms XXXX who was very polite and she advised me that she would investigate the matter and call me back. Ms XXXX dutifully made a return call and advised me that she had investigated the matter and that she would not be able to provide a refund on the grounds that the coat was perfectly acceptable and indeed it was being returned to stock. Ms XXXX further added that the tack stitch was in fact open to the customer whether it is cut or not. A tack stich is designed for keeping the garment in shape whilst being displayed but once sold this stitch/stitches (as in the case of suits) are designed to be cut so that the specific garment can be used as designed. (I refer to such loose stitches inserted into pockets and vents in all quality tailored garments). Whilst I accept that over time openings (pockets etc.) might become more slack through use, this should not occur in a vent in a new garment that has not been worn and the garment shape should be maintained. The coat as displayed in the store and on the Superdry website is only as per the example providing the tack stitch is not cut, this fact is neither displayed in store or on the website and therefore is completely misleading. Additionally I do not believe that as Superdry sold goods that were not as described or displayed, I should not be held to ransom to spend the £124.99 in the Superdry Store, this restricts my ability to source an alternative and is unjust.

    Ms XXXXX stated that Superdry would NOT provide a refund to my Debit Card.

    I therefore am requesting that you review this and consider that you provide a refund of the sum paid in accordance with my statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979

    Please respond within 7 days.


    From: Complaints []
    Sent: 25 November 2014 12:54
    Subject: RE: Bridge Coat
    Dear Mr D,
    Thank you for taking the time to email us and our founder, Julian about the issue you received in our London Store. Your email has been escalated for my attention.

    I’d like to apologise that you feel that you have been given poor service by our London store and upon receiving your email I have stated a full investigation into both your telephone conversations with our customer services department and Mr X in our London store.

    Having discussed your complaint with Mr X and from reading your email below, I understand that the issue you have is with the fit of the coat after the tailor stitch has been removed. Although I can appreciate that the removal of this tack can alter the look of the garment our items are tacked in such a way that the stitch can be left in place if the customer prefers the look of the item with the stitch in place. Although I appreciate your comments regarding stitches in pockets which are designed to be removed once the coat has been purchased, but it is not unusual for a stitch to be left in the rear pleat of the jacket at the customers discretion.

    Our company policy is to only offer refunds on items which are considered to have a manufacturing fault. I apologise that you were unhappy that T did not consider your jacket to have a manufacturing fault but having seen pictures of your jacket myself, I also agree with his conclusion. Had your jacket been affected by a manufacturing fault, I assure you that any Superdry store would have been happy to refund you if the jacket was to be returned with a valid form of proof of purchase. To clarify, unsuitable items returned to us with a valid proof of purchase only qualify for an exchange or credit note. Our returns policy is in line with all Trading Standards laws and is in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

    Mr X did advise me that he offered to exchange your jacket for one with the stitch intact but I understand that you were not happy to accept this offer and that you have accepted a credit note to the value of £124.99. As I am satisfied that your item was not affected by a manufacturing fault we will not be able to offer you a refund for this credit voucher. Although I can appreciate that this is not the resolution you were looking for, Superdry are unable to fulfil your request for a full refund as it is outside of our advertised store returns policy.

    I understand that you have consulted the Citizens Advice Bureau regarding your complaint, should they require any further information from Superdry or the London Store please do not hesitate to contact us but we are unable to reconsider your request for a refund at this time.

    Kind regards,

    pp Superdry



    Unit 1
    The Runnings

    GL51 9NW


    Dear Sir
    Thank you for your e-mail. Regarding your comments I would like to make the following points:-
    1. You state “it is not unusual for a stitch to be left in the rear pleat of the jacket at the customers discretion”. The following are references to tacks in garments:-
    • X-shaped tacking stitches are also very common on vents (slits) on the back of men’s suit jackets, or at the bottom of kick pleats on a woman’s skirt. They are meant to hold the flaps in place during shipping and when on display in the store. They should be removed before being worn; however many buyers do not realize it.
    • These are the situations you are most likely to come across removable stitches:
    • A large “X” stitch at a back vent of a tailored jacket or skirt.
    • A line of crossed stitches in the opening of a pocket.
    • A line of large stitching across the shoulder seam of a jacket.
    In all 3 of these situations the stitches are meant to be removed by the new owner. They are primarily in place to keep the garment in shape, and they can also be an aid when the garment is being pressed. As soon as you remove the tacks from a pocket and people start putting their hands in and out of them you are invariably going to begin to stretch the fabric. With back vents, the vent will also hang nicer for the new owner if it has been kept closed while anyone else tried the jacket on.
    These stitches also have another purpose – they serve as a gentle reminder that you are receiving a piece that has been carefully tailored by someone for you. It’s that last little step of the process that you can do yourself that makes it ready for you to wear.
    So if you see any large loose stitching which does not seem to be structurally important to the garment then you should take it out. Especially if it is in a contrast colour. They should normally be large enough to snip with a normal pair of scissors and most of the thread should pull out easily.
    • Tack – A temporary stitch to hold pieces together.
    2. Your understanding that “the issue you have is with the fit of the coat after the tailor stitch has been removed” is incorrect. The issue I have, is that with the tack stitch removed the shape of the garment changes to such an extent that it is unattractive and very different from the shape as advertised and as displayed in the store. The following pictures provide an illustration of the point that I am trying to make.
    As you can see from the above illustration, the garment is totally unattractive and very different to the “as displayed” and “as advertised” condition. My point is that with the tack stitch removed I believe the garment should mostly hold its shape when new. In this case the tack stitch, in my opinion, was used to “force” the garment into an acceptable shape whilst on display which, in my opinion, indicated that the construction of the garment was faulty as it was impossible for the shape to be maintained once the removable tack was removed. This fact only becoming apparent once the garment is taken home.
    3. If the garment tack stitch is designed, as you say, to be permanently left in place if a customer decides to do this, how can a single loose tack stitch be considered to be strong enough to withstand the rigours of use for the lifetime of the garment?
    4. I question the morals of the Superdry “no refund” policy which, from this experience, is aggressively defended to the extent where I was wrongly accused of insulting your store deputy manager and further advised that if I continued to illustrate the point I was trying to make of the garments faulty construction, that the Manager would refuse even to give me a credit note. The coat was unsuitable for the purpose for which it was purchased and therefore I do not believe it is morally correct for Superdry to hold me to ransom to spend the £124.99 in a Superdry store on other goods that I do not require.
    5. One of the Superdry Staff actually agreed with me on the point that the Refund Policy is questionable by stating that he agreed with me but stated that this was the Company Rules. I am not blaming your staff for following Corporate Instructions, it is the Corporate Policy that I believe does not belong in today’s high street. It is a pity that Superdry cannot adopt the same policy that is used by the majority of high street and designer stores.
    6. Please explain why the Superdry Policy in-store is different to the Superdry Policy for Internet Purchases where it states that items can be returned for refund even where there is no apparent fault in the item purchased.
    7. You are correct that I have contacted Citizens Advice as I feel very strongly that the I have suffered an injustice and moreover that I hope they act to prevent the same perceived injustice being suffered by others who may be less fortunate than I.

  27. I just purchased a woollen jumper from SuperDry and had such a bad experience in their shop.

    I went to the till with 3 jumpers that I liked. I gave the assistant my card and said I had a 30% off discount voucher in my bag, I gave this to them and they asked me to enter my pin. I was given my receipt and started to walk out but before I even got to leave the shop I noticed they had charged me the full amount without taking the 30% discount off. I went back to the till and the girl that served me was with a different customer. Another assistant came to help and I explained that I had been charged the wrong amount. He told me he would sort it out and took me to another till. He then told me he would give me a credit note for the £53.10 difference. I told just to refund it back to my card however he said they don’t do refunds, only credit notes. I explained again that the girl had made a mistake but he said because I had entered my PIN I was accepting the amount I was being charged for and the credit note refund is a gesture of good will and he did not need to do this. I was in shock.

    I asked to speak to the manager who listened to me but agreed with her staff. She spoke to the girl that served me, out of ear shot from me, and came back to say that the girl had made a mistake however I had entered my PIN and therefore agreed to the price charged. She refused to give me back the difference. I told her I am disgusted in the store and to refund me fully – remember, I haven’t even left the store yet, I’ve gone less than 1.5m from the till and still well within the store. Nope, she tells me they don’t do refunds in any case and if she were to agree a refund it would be by a credit note only. I tried to argue my case but the manager woman just gave up and said I was wasting her time and walked away! I tried shouting after her to come back and deal with me but she went up the stairs and disappeared. The assistant left by me was really embarrassed but explained nothing could be done and I am best to just leave the shop and “enjoy my new jumpers”. I was furious but couldn’t do anything.. I told the boy to just give me the credit note of £53.10 and said I would sell it to someone for cash. He then said no! I repeated my request and he said the manager said there was no refund and her word was finale no matter what I had to say. I had to just leave at that point because if I hadn’t I was likely to either punch someone in the face or just grab another jumper and walk out with it refusing to pay for it.. I would never steal anything but at that point my anger made it feel like this would be the best way to vent.

    I am shocked at how a store with such a high profile name can treat its customers and get away with it. I have written a complaint letter to the store but it seems they ignore these also since I haven’t had a reply.

    I will never buy from SuperDry again and can only tell others to be wary of them.

  28. I recently purchased a cardigan from superdry for £94.99, as you can probably guess immediately regretted it. Today I rang the store manager and asked if I could have a refund as I wasn’t informed that items could not be returned after a purchase instore. He told me I was made aware of this by his staff and I couldnt have a refund, this infuriated me as he wasn’t there at the time of the purchase and so cannot make a statement on whether I was or was not told about refunds. He then hung up on me when I said I hadn’t been made aware.
    I proceeded to ring customer services (03 number) where I waited an hour on hold, when I was finally put into contact with a member of staff, I explained the situation and he again hung up on me. I rang the store I purchased the item from again and was put into contact with another manager, I explained to him and asked for a refund as by this time I did not want a credit note as I will definitely not be shopping in this store again. He hung up on me.
    This has to be the WORST customer service I have ever experienced and I work in retail my self. I am disgusted in their behaviour.

  29. I’ve bought many items from superdry and dread it if you change your mind on an item as you know you’ve lost your money and only get a credit note I exchanged a top for a different one in there it had a £4 price difference they said they can’t give me the money just a credit note of the difference! How could you buy anything in there for £4 ! Unbelievable so I just waisted £4 as I can’t use it! Very bad service I’m afraid and I can’t be in the shop long as the loud music is terrible! 😱

  30. Always buy online – due to distance selling laws Superdry have to refund your money if you change your mind.

  31. I had the very same experience as most of you in the metro centre store and the House of Fraser franchise store in Darlington. I bought a rather expensive pea coat that fell apart and no one wanted to know. Customer service is none existent and I also once took a T-Shirt back to Metro Centre the day after it was bought. Still with all tags on, still in the bag, not worn and had full receipt and was told only credit note was available as ‘we do not do refunds’.
    I will never spend another penny on anything that was made or marketed by Superdry.

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